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The term lipid (Greek lipos: fat) was coined in 1923 to describe the family of organic substances that are highly soluble in non-polar...

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A major component in all cell membranes.

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Ether Lipids

Ether Lipids

Including plasmalogens, a special type of ether phospholipid, widely distributed in the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems of human

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Lipid Synthesis

  • Mono- (1- and 2-substituted), di- (1,2- and 1,3-disubstituted) and tri-acyl glycerols (acylglycerides) derived from saturated and PUFAs.
  • Phosphate esters derived from acylglycerides
  • Plasmalogens and Sphingolipids
  • Hydroxy-substituted PUFAs
  • Deuterium and carbon-13 labelled compounds
  • Methoxy-substituted benzyl- and silyl-protected glycerols.

Lipid Isolation and Analysis

  • Separation from natural sources
  • Separation of lipid contaminants
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • Synthetic confirmation

Consultancy & Collaboration

We provides consultancy or collaborative opportunities for research projects, especially in the applications of lipids

  • The treatment of diseases (e.g. cancers, dementias)
  • The development of drug delivery systems.
New Research: Plasmalogen Synthesis
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Dr Bian Zhang
Dr Bian Zhang
Managing Director
Trained at Tianjin Medical University (China) and Newcastle University (United Kingdom), his PhD was in medicinal chemistry synthesising new...
Prof. Bernard T Golding
Prof. Bernard T Golding
Scientific Director
With over 500 publications in synthetic organic chemistry (including lipids), mechanistic enzymology and medicinal chemistry, he is the...

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